Travel photography  & content that  sparks  joy,  triggers  an  emotional  connection,  &  initiates  a  desire  to  care  deeply  for  our  world!

Mindful  Travel  Photography  &  Content

Soulful Images aims to provide meaningful travel photography & content geared toward mindful & sustainable travels and lifestyle, animal and nature conservation across the globe, and a go-to resource for avid travellers and travel brands!

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Hey, I’m Julie –

Founder and Creator of Soulful Images!

I’m a professional photographer and travel content creator from Canada who’s goal is to search for the world’s never ending beauty and share it with you through my work! I have a deep passion for all things nature, wildlife and travel related… and if you do too, then you’re in the right place!

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While offering a wide range of photographic services and content, I take pride in my work and therefore my mission and values must align with the projects I take on! If you feel connected to my work and think I can be a great fit for your project, continue below to learn more or get started!

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The Travel Blog

You can follow along on my adventures through my very own travel + photography blog, where I write detailed posts about my experiences, the brands I work with, and the images that go along!

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