Photography & Content  Creation Services

Below you’ll find a variety of my photography and content creation services. If you’re interested in any of them – one or  combos – please be sure to mention that in your inquiry!

I look forward to working with you!

travel photography

Travel  Photography

From Santorini to South Africa and everywhere in between, travel photography is a broad category! It’s all about capturing the essence of the place, and can be anything from the local people to beautiful views! 

Brand  Photography

Brand photography is for established companies and brands who are looking for content for their marketing channels! Whether it be for a winery or a hotel, capturing the spirit of your brand is what I love to do!

Travel Photography Services
Travel Photography Services

Aerial  Photography

 There’s nothing better than seeing a specific place from the air! Whether it be from a drone, airplane or helicopter, I’m all yours to capture the stunning views that only birds and pilots get to see!

Underwater  Photography

Having done my open water certification, and also learning to freedive, I love spending time underwater capturing the magical landscapes that few get to see… and sometimes we get really lucky and are graced with the presence of majestic creatures along the way! Equipped for underwater photography, I can make your projects come to life from below the surface!

Travel Photography Services
Travel Photography Services

Conservation  Photography

Conservation is at the heart of my mission as a photographer and one that I take seriously! I’ve worked with some great conservation efforts and love to translate those images into visual stories! My aim is to sensitize people to our planet and the efforts we all must take to save our natural world and its habitats! If you’re a non-profit or have a dedicated mission in conservation, I’d love to help with spreading the word by creating visual content for you.

Nature & Wildlife

When I’m not working on any project specifically, I love to gather as many images of nature and wildlife as I possibly can! From the Serengeti to Svalbard, I’m ready for any type of adventure! They also usually end up on my blog, so be sure to check that out too! It’s a win-win!

travel photography services
travel photography services

Destnation  Events

From weddings to yoga retreats, destination photography is so much fun! If you’re looking for someone to join you on your special journey, I’m all yours!

Photo  Editing

Are you a professional photographer looking to outsource your editing? I can do that, too! With competitive pricing and quick turnaround times, be sure to get in touch for a personalized editing experience!

travel photography services

Branding,  Web  &  Graphic Design

Did you know that I also offer branding, web design and graphic design services? Yes I do! My sister company, Wild Exposure Studios, is at your services! Check out the website for all the goods!

Have a specific need or idea for your project? Get in touch so we can talk it out!